Rapidly Declining Costs

Rapidly Declining Cost

. . . Why Rapidly Declining Cost Matters

  • Already same or lower price than lower-performance lasers
  • Wafer-scale laser manufacturing assures rapidly declining costs
  • Internal electronics use high-volume telecom parts for continued declines in cost
  • Reduce your development budget
  • Improve margins
  • Allow OCT to penetrate into larger-volume, lower-cost applications


Low-Cost, All-Semiconductor Solution Drives Cost Down

The initial cost of the Insight laser is near or lower than the cost of other laser solutions.  With hundreds of lasers per wafer, the entire laser cavity is on the chip.  This will result in rapid declines in cost.  The Insight laser will cost a tenth of existing laser solutions within just a few years.  Click here to learn more about the cost curve of all-semiconductor lasers.


Reduce System Cost

Because the Insight laser provides its own electronic k-clock, your system will not need the electronic and optical parts and integration cost of an external optical k-clock. 


Integrated Measurement

The Insight laser has integrated, high-speed, low-noise optical measurements which are used by the laser to ensure that its performance is always optimal.  These same measurements can be dual-purposed, thus eliminating the need for the additional cost of signal conditioning, analog to digital conversion and related data processing,.  This can save substantial system cost.

The integrated measurement is 14 bit at 400MHz. 

The hardware for the data conversion is already part of the laser.  The next revisions of the laser will include the Gigabit Ethernet to transfer the data to your computing system.  To learn more about this new capability, contact Insight.


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