About Insight

Insight has been developing swept laser sources since 2007. We have the sole goal of creating the world’s best swept lasers, driving technology that will enable the next generation of great OCT images, enable new imaging methodologies, and drive the cost of the laser down by over 10x over the next several years. This will help save lives and improve the quality of care.

Insight is committed to providing the current generation of new swept lasers, and the next several generations over the next decade. Insight's mission is to create the world's best swept lasers.

Our founders, advisors and investors include many of the top photonics, semiconductor lasers, tunable lasers and OCT technology and business leaders. Insight is not a VC-financed company; we are a privately held organization in it for the long term. 

The Insight laser was co-developed with university researchers. The company already has large contracts with two top OCT companies and orders from many others.

We will never become a competitor with our OCT customers.

In addition to OCT, Insight retains a strong interest  in providing  swept lasers for other applications, including fiber sensing, OFDR, LIDAR, spectroscopy, and telecom component testing and characterization.

New location effective May 15, 2017:

Insight Photonic Solutions, Inc.
2650 Crescent Drive, Ste. 201
Lafayette, CO  80026  USA