Insight Akinetic Swept Lasers Enabling OCT and SS-OCT Angiography

  • Low cost
  • High speed 50-200 kHz (demonstrated to 1 MHz)
  • Wide wavelength 115 nm Gaussian equivalent
  • Phase stable ~0.5 pm rm s
  • Programmable/adjustable
  • 1310 or 1550 nm (1060 coming)

Insight Photonic Solutions brings the low cost and high performance of an all-semiconductor solution to swept lasers.  The Insight™ laser is akinetic (without any form of movement in the tuning mechanism).  It is fast. It generates superior optical quality.  The result is an OCT image free of artifacts. 

The Insight laser moves from any optical state to any other optical state in nanoseconds.  This unprecedented flexibility provides novel OCT imaging possibilities.

The Insight laser overcomes many of the performance, cost and size limitations of kinetic lasers such as MEMS, SLED+filter, macro external-cavity, VCSEL+MEMS+pump+circulator+SOA and FDML lasers.

Leaders in the industry are calling the Insight OCT laser engine “the ideal OCT laser.”