Insight Akinetic Swept Lasers Enabling Next Gen Fiber Sensing

  • 10-10,000 times higher repeatability and accuracy
  • 10-10,000 times higher noise rejection
  • Low-cost; multi-channel
  • Enables high density distributed sensing
  • Achieve electrical bridge level accuracy

The InsightTM  swept laser is an interrogator accurate enough to see small-magnitude changes in strain, vibration or temperature; fast enough to see vibrations propagate down a structure; and inexpensive enough for large-quantity deployments.

With akinetic swept laser technology, Insight Photonic Solutions brings the low cost and high performance of an all-semiconductor solution to fiber sensing. 

A swept laser allows multiple fibers to be interrogated simultaneously with minimal cost per additional fiber.  The Insight™ laser is akinetic (without any form of movement in the tuning mechanism).  It is fast and generates outstanding optical quality.