No Moving Parts

An all-semiconductor akinetic laser with longer life, high speed and high signal to noise.

Cost Curve

All-semiconductor swept lasers promise to reduce laser cost by 10x.

The New Face of Medical Diagnostics

OCT imaging technology is forever changing medical diagnostics.


Fiber Sensing

Swept lasers are an integral component in many important applications.

Recent News

Insight's Swept Distributed Sensing System Wins R&D 100 Award

A straightforward Swept Distributed Sensing system which can achieve 1000+ sensors in a single fiber, sensitivity and repeatability of less than 0.02 µε and 0.002 °C, the ability to measure dynamic signals up to a MHz, and the ability to selectively achieve over 30 dB of noise rejection of environmental noise sources. The capabilities of a novel, akinetic (without any form of movement in the tuning mechanism), all-semiconductor, all-electronic tunable, compact and flexible swept source laser and interrogation system at 1550 nm or 1310 nm. Test data is presented supporting and qualifying these performance capabilities.