LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Inspection

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) was used to perform nondestructive inspection of liquid crystal display (LCD) for defects.  By using OCT, tomograms and two-dimensional images of LCD panels were obtained.  Based on these images, 3D images of the LCD panel were constructed and confirmed the 3D shape and vertical location of defects within the LCD panel.  This nondestructive and effective defect-inspection method for LCD using OCT gives direct results and is applicable for detecting defects in flat panel or flexible displays.

Additional general information:

  1. Nondestructive defect inspection for LCDs using optical coherence tomography

Additional technical information:

  1. Microstructural and microspectral characterization of a vertically aligned liquid crystal display panel
  2. Numerical dispersion compensation for optical coherence tomography on 3D microstructure

OCT can be used for in-line production testing.


The 3D-OCT image of a defect.