Larynx & Vocal Cord

OCT has been used to image the larynx during surgical endoscopy.  Office-based OCT has the potential to guide surgical biopsies, direct therapy, and monitor disease. This is a promising imaging modality to study the larynx.  In-vivo 3D human vocal fold images have been demonstrated with polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PS-OCT), allowing characterization of the extent and location of vocal fold lesions, and thus providing useful information in guiding surgeons during phonomicrosurgery. 

Laser implications:

The Insight laser's long coherence length and low polarization state wobble are particulary beneficial for PS-OCT applications.

Additional technical information:

  1. In vivo 3D human vocal fold imaging with polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography and a MEMS scanning catheter


OCT allows the physician to see the internal structure
of the vocal cord (right image), rather than observing
only the external structure (left image).